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Section 6:

Chapter 25

Tithing is not “Giving to God”

There is no denying that human beings (Christians included) have committed some pretty disgraceful and wicked deeds. The other side of the coin is that many people, whether Christian or not, have a desire and ability to do good that they have demonstrated in many, many recorded examples, not to mention the countless untold acts that occur on a daily basis. This desire has the potential to be an incredibly powerful force for virtuous progress in the world.

“If so,” you may ask, “then why isn’t this world a better place than it was 30, or 10, or even 5 years ago? Why the constant downhill slide?”

The answer to that, is not that there is more evil in the world than good, nor is it because good people are not willing to take any action to improve things.

Instead, the answer is that this willingness to do good has been skillfully captured and turned back on itself like a judo move. This particular art of deception specializes in harnessing and diverting the good will and virtuous intentions of the unwary population, and directing that energy toward useless or self-harming purposes which are simultaneously beneficial to those who do the misdirecting: that is, the rulers.

Luke 16:8 “… for the sons of this age are more shrewd in relation to their own kind than the sons of light.”

Since government, like the ruling class that owns it, is parasitic in nature and to a large degree unable to exist without a productive host, this art form of intention-jacking has been practiced at nearly every level of authoritarian or so-called leadership positions throughout recorded history. The task of these rulers is one of convincing the rulees that achieving certain goals is for the benefit of the common people who are paying the price to achieve that goal, when in reality any benefit achieved or majority of it, goes to the rulers.

More effectively: the job is to convince others that achieving the goal of the leaders is the good or the morally right thing to do.

Of course the ideal situation is to dupe the people into thinking that what they are doing or supporting is both in their own best interest, and is also the virtuously correct thing to do. When this is accomplished, the leaders have a steamroller going; they have acquired the manpower and the moral sanctuary to commit any atrocities necessary to achieve their purpose. Those who point out the hypocrisy, immorality, or outright insanity of a destructive course of action are deemed to be the troublemakers and enemies of mankind; today they are also often called “terrorists”.

The Inquisition which was waged by Catholic Church leaders, The War between the States, World War I, World War II, today’s income tax, the Cold War and its successor the “War on Terror”, the “War on Cancer” and the monstrously destructive infant vaccination campaigns are all good examples of misled good people carrying out the will of the wicked for the benefit of the wicked.

This is the very essence and purpose of what we call war propaganda, public policy, national security, loyalty to the Crown, etc., as well as being central to perverted versions of obeying God’s Law, or what establishment religion considers to be Christian morality or righteousness in general.

After all, how many church-going good people having Sunday dinner ever give a thought to the death and destruction they helped cause by their ignorant support of the current State of Israel? Or the destruction of Iraq? Or the disastrous consequences to the innocent, in those so-called wars on terror or war on drugs? How has that 40 year old “war on cancer” been working out for us? How many hundreds of millions of dollars was given to the Haitian earthquake victim relief funds,that never quite got to helping any of the victims?

How many other wars and military actions have good people supported or participated in that have killed some of the best young men in the gene pool (who are often victims of an imposed military draft)? How many have also supported war-like campaigns that have slaughtered, poisoned, and horribly maimed untold thousands of innocent children and other non-combatants?

How many charity events have been held for the purpose of “finding the cure”, with money coming from participants willing to do something good, only to have that money go to organizations that actually suppress and outlaw the cures that have already been discovered?

Or how many Christians promote or shoot up their own children with vaccines that kill or maim many more children every year than does the disease itself that they are allegedly protecting against?

Whether it was revering the kings and Catholic hierarchy of centuries past; or obeying destructive laws made by political cronies who are owned by corporations today; or even if it consists of submitting to Protestant, Jewish, and pagan religious rulers; in all of these cases you will see an obvious pattern. Anywhere that people surrender their personal authority and responsibility to others, you will see that the outcomes are exactly the same.

In a nutshell: The many pay, and the many work, and the many suffer, for the benefit of a few. The very many who are deceived, pay for the very few who are in the loop; with the end result almost always being bad for the common people, regardless of their good intentions and whether or not they are on the “winning” side of the conflict.

The result is that those who actually carry out this policy, the boots on the ground who are following orders and who are personally causing the suffering (the military and police, lower levels of news media, government workers, teachers, medical doctors and nurses, etc) actually believe that what they are doing is for a noble cause and actually benefitting society as a whole, when in fact the very evil that they think they are fighting would often not exist without their active but misguided participation.

John 16:2 ” … yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you will think that he doeth God service.”

Jer 5:4 “Therefore I said, Surely these are poor; they are foolish: for they know not the way of the LORD, nor the judgment of their God.”

While well-intentioned people are often deceived to carry out the plans of the wicked, examples of evil people inadvertently accomplishing something good are almost nonexistent; thus we see society’s “down-hill slide”.

This type of mind-manipulation in the guise of mislabeled patriotism, corporate advertising and brand loyalty, so-called “news” reports, and of course in ever-present false religion surrounds us every day. It results in the theft and conversion of good intentions that are then used to support ungodly policies.

So then, what does all this have to do with giving to God?

Many Christians have a desire to do good. They have heard about “giving to God” and “honoring God with their wealth” as scripture instructs, but they have been deceived about how they should engage in these activities. It appears that the age-old tactics of control and diversion used by the worldly establishment to achieve their aims have been adopted not only by the pro-tithe religious operators, but also the money begging “the ministry needs your help” factions of today’s commercial Christian establishment. They make their best interests appear to be your best interests, and top it off with a thick layer of “thus sayeth the Lord”, “Onward Christian Soldier”, and other false applications of scriptural sentiment.

The gist of what you might hear is “Honor God by giving the church your money”. “It’s your moral obligation”, “God loves a cheerful giver”, and “God will return to you many times more than what you give Him. Oh, and by the way, God will curse you if you don’t.”

These are all buzzwords and emotional hot buttons that are used to exploit and misdirect the Christian’s willingness to do that which is right, and convert it to a useless or even harmful act of funding hireling false preachers.

Giving to God

Let us examine scripture and think about this for a minute: God does not want tithe money, or any money per se for that matter. That would be like tithing sand to the Arabs. Obviously, money never literally goes to God by placing it on an altar and watching it fade away into the spiritual dimension; or by letting it float up into the sky and into outer space until it gets to Heaven. “Giving to God” is a figure of speech that means that it is a special, personal little deal and that the money, or goods stay right here on Earth, but go to the place designated by the Word of God. Once we have done this, He enjoys the spiritual savor of the giver’s obedience and heartfelt willingness to give.

The gift is only a vehicle; a means of delivering the spirits of obedience, benevolence, and empathy among others, that emanate from the giver in the act of giving. It is a means of spiritual connection of the brethren between each other and with The Creator. The Earthly receiver benefits from all this of course, while God takes His cut, if you want to put it in those terms, of the savor of that willful, giving spirit.

A grudging, deceptive, selfish or otherwise negative spirit ruins the whole process.

An example of willful, obedient giving, is one that we looked at some chapters back in Deuteronomy 16:10-17 “And thou shalt keep the feast of weeks unto the LORD thy God with a tribute of a freewill offering of thine hand, which thou shalt give unto the LORD thy God, according as the LORD thy God hath blessed thee:

And thou shalt rejoice before the LORD thy God, thou, and thy son, and thy daughter, and thy manservant, and thy maidservant, and the Levite that is within thy gates, and the stranger, and the fatherless, and the widow, that are among you, in the place which the LORD thy God hath chosen to place his name there.

And thou shalt remember that thou wast a bondman in Egypt: and thou shalt observe and do these statutes.”

It says to “give unto the LORD”, along with instructions on how to accomplish that act. In this particular case it was done by contributing what you could toward the enjoyment of everyone. This is just one example of the type of instructions pertaining to various situations throughout the Bible on how to “give to God”, and it only makes sense.

Even though God had elsewhere ordained that tithed food was to go to the Levites, in this case some of the food became available to Levites, but was not a tithe. It went for a different purpose than that which the tithe was intended. It was a different situation that had its own instructions to go with it. Tithing called for one set of instructed actions, and this event called for a vaguely similar but notably different set of actions; either of which, though different, was considered to be “obedience to the LORD”. While tithing was a mandated act, the willful giving involved in peace offerings like this added another dimension of willfulness and spirituality to the event.

If instead of following these instructions, a Levite was to tell someone to put their offerings of wine and cheese meant for this feast into the Levite’s private root cellar for his personal use at a later date, it would not truly be going to God in any way, shape, or form, regardless of what kind of cover story the Levite came up with, or how pure the giver’s motives were. In fact it would be outright theft from God because it circumvented His clearly stated instructions and intention, in favor of the personal benefit of the thief (the Levite).

This is exactly what happens when you give tithe (or any) money to a church corporation, or preacher for a reason or in a manner that is not specifically scripturally instructed, but is instead based solely on what that preacher told you.

Here are two points to remember:

  • There is no scriptural instruction for any Christian to tithe anything to anyone – ever.
  • Nor is there any particular virtue, scriptural legitimacy, or Godly approval to giving money to professional preachers or church corporations for their own prosperity.

There are however loads of man-made rationalizations, justifications, excuses, doctrines, and sophistic techniques that insist on such activities; probably more than you could ever hope to read. I hope you realize however, that these efforts mean nothing, nothing; not a single thing if they are not supported by God’s Word.

As we have seen, the tithe doctrine conflicts with scripture on almost every front.

Acts 17:25 tells us that God does not need us to provide for Him. On the contrary – He provides everything for us. Our job is to take what He provides for us and use it in an unselfish manner that glorifies and honors Him, along with providing for our own. There is clearly a way for us to do this, and many ways not to do it.

How Not to Give to God

I mean, you do not honor someone by paying tribute to their antithesis; for example you do not honor your wife by giving a dozen roses to some floozy down at the local bar & grill. It does not quite work.

“Sorry honey, the flowers were meant for you, but that other woman was better looking.”

Likewise you do not honor God by giving money to a hireling false preacher who does not have the right to take it; particularly when scriptural instructions for “giving to God” are plainly specified and emphatically stated in the Bible.

“Sorry God, the money was meant for you, but the preacher’s tithe sermon was so much more convincing. He’s such a marvelous speaker, you know.”

They say “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. That means getting a well intentioned person to do evil, while tricking them into believing that it is good. It can also mean diverting those good intentions to an activity that simulates a worthy cause, but which in fact is accomplishing nothing of true, God-instructed value. Both of these describe the basis of a modern tithe.

In this case the deception relates to tithe proponents co-opting scriptural terms like “giving to God”, and “Honoring God with your wealth”, and then falsely and repeatedly applying those terms to the act of giving money to a preacher or church. These entities in turn pave the road to hell even further; adding a few more lanes to it with even more bogus teachings and doctrines, funded by money that was scripturally instructed to go elsewhere.

If the false preachers went unfunded, they and their false doctrines would eventually dry up and blow away like tumbleweeds. As we can see however, there are more corporate churches, and less righteousness in the world than any of us have ever seen, so the unrighteous success of today’s money changer church businesses speaks for itself.

A Mini-False Religion, within a False Doctrine

It is amazing to see these tithe-taking preachers who demand a “full tithe” and invoke the illusion that “they and the tithers will be blessed by obeying God’s Law”, yet only mention 10% as being that full tithe instead of 12%.

Along with that conjuration comes the belief of the people themselves, who feel that they have been blessed by God because they have paid their “full” 10% tithe. How can they be blessed if they are robbing God by paying only 10% in cash instead of the 12% instructed in God’s Law? Would they feel blessed if they gave only 2%? Or 5%? Or maybe 8.39%? Why do they feel blessed after financial profit begins. “God’s work” ends where having paid 10% when that figure constitutes disobedience just as much as any other figure short of 12%?

Is it perhaps some kind of placebo effect? Is it the preacher-inculcated belief in the figure of a 10% cash tithe that is creating the tither’s conviction that they are blessed? In other words, it is their belief that they are obeying God’s Law that in turn creates the belief that they are blessed that is blessing them, and really has nothing at all to do with the money they have just thrown away. “Blessing” is a highly subjective state of mind, do not forget. Jesus said many times that belief and faith were the key factors to miracles, so they can certainly also give a person a more upbeat outlook on life that they then interpret as “blessedness”. By the way, Jesus never once collected a tithe as a pre-requisite for any of His blessings or miracles.

Scripture provides no reason whatsoever that this activity known as Christian era tithing should cause the tither to be blessed and not cursed, particularly when this activity funds deceptive imposters while it diverts and distracts people away from actively engaging in true Christian giving. Selfless giving to those in need is an act for which the New Covenant blessings are clearly described for us not only by Jesus, but also by Paul, James, John and Peter.

The doctrine of being saved by “asking Jesus into your heart” diverts would-be Christians from the clear scriptural instructions of Baptism. Likewise the doctrine of being blessed by God for tithing is just as fictional and destructive, when it diverts people away from God’s true instructions on giving.

““God’s work” ends where financial profit begins.”

There are those that say that freedom in modern America consists of the freedom to think you are free (everything else requires a permit). This thought can also be applied to the “blessing of tithing”, which would consist of paying for the privilege of allowing yourself to believe that you are blessed.

In theory the blessing for tithing would come from following God’s Law. We have shown that in no way does tithing today constitute a following of that Law. Modern tithing ignores the one-two punch of Gods Law on tithing. Namely that the tithe consists exclusively of a portion of the agricultural increase of the ground, and that it should be given only to Levites.

Modern tithing consists of cash payments of ten percent when the Law says that in such cases the amount should be twelve percent, and only in lieu of the food products that the cash tithe is a substitute for. Again, this is to be given only to the tribe of Levi; given to the tribe of Levi, as per the specific contract with that particular bloodline. It was never designated to go to anyone who claims to have the same job classification of a Levite (teacher, preacher, administrator, or the popular catch-all title: “God’s worker”)

Don’t forget – “God’s work” ends where financial profit begins. That is, any time someone accepts money in an amount that is more than the cost of their food and expense, they cease to be “God’s worker” and begin to be in the business of working for themselves.

So exactly when and where does this blessing-generating “following of the Law” event take place, outside of the crafted delusion – the belief that tithers are following the Law when they in fact are not?

I submit to you that the belief of tithers who think they are blessed because of their tithing, exists only because of the hypnotic suggestion; the falsely-implanted faith that causes them to see it. You currently may or may not consider yourself to be blessed in this life, but if you really are blessed, it would have nothing to do with tithing any more than it would have to do with other superstitious activities. This “blessing” or good luck could also be accomplished by a rabbit’s foot on a keychain if the same amount of religious propaganda was applied to create enough belief in it.

Faith in a rabbit’s foot, a lucky charm, a talisman, tarot cards, horoscopes, voodoo curses or in an unscriptural tithe doctrine could all just as easily be considered to be idolatry, but that does not make the faith and its perceived effects any less real.

It all boils down to the raw fact that the idea of being blessed for tithing to a preacher is by itself a mini-false religion. It actually makes things worse than if your money was stolen or destroyed rather than tithed.

The Wrong Thing for All the Wrong Reasons

Tithing, if it was not a self-oriented act originally, has been made to be one by modern church doctrine. People have been conditioned to tithe for three reasons:

  • To gain much more than they tithed, as per commercial promotions based on Malachi’s “open the windows of heaven” statement.
  • To avoid God’s curse which is allegedly incurred by not tithing; as per the preachers’ threats.
  • To submit to the congregational peer pressure of gaining the preacher’s approval and figurative pat on the head for being a “good Christian” and a member in good standing of that church.
“It is simply because they trusted the information of a preacher who diverted the good intentions of these people, and put them on the dead-end road of commercial tithing.”

I know that some people will add to the list the concept that they tithe simply because they want to obey God and to please Him. This may be the right reason, but it is still doing the wrong thing. This mindset unfortunately has no real grounding in the truth. If people really tithed to please God and somehow submit to Him, why would they not choose to do so as both Old and New Covenants instruct us to?

It is simply because they trusted the information of a preacher who diverted the good intentions of these people, and put them on the dead-end road of commercial tithing.

If you have been tithing with the pure intention of (what you thought was) doing what is right, based on God’s will, then the next chapter will be of great interest to you.

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