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Chapter 30


Original Research and Compilation

This book represents several years of part-time research, writing, and editing. I have had no input from any anti-tithe articles, books, or audio/visual presentations, because my intention was to not merely rehash the conclusions of others, but to let the facts of scripture lead to their own conclusions.

I limited myself to a collection of Bible translations, and associated general reference works like encyclopedias, dictionaries, Josephus, and Strong’s Concordance. I simply read scripture and researched as the questions occurred to me. I made these findings, and came to the conclusions that I have presented, because of the fact that I did not listen to, or seek the opinions of others. This book comes out against the entrenched, popular teaching of the tithe doctrine, because that is where the facts have led me.

Several multi-disc cd presentations, cassette tape sermons and newsletter articles of pro-tithe propaganda provided the main source of subject matter. I of course realize that there are countless other pro-tithe presentations floating about, but that does not matter.

When preachers are confronted with facts about the tithe they generally do three things: They first try to dismiss any dissent with the usual Malachi “God-robber” comments or other sound bites, hoping that the questions will then just go away. Secondly, they may actually go to the scriptures to try to find support for their tithe doctrine. When that fails, they will invariably turn to each other for doctrinal support.

In other words, I do not have to seek out every pro-tithe book or audio presentation because the current pro-tithe preachers have already done that for me. As stated in the section called “Pro-tithe Technique”, they have a definite pattern of how they perpetuate this myth that they simply repeat.

Rehashing and recycling previously presented tithe myths; they use the same techniques and limited repertoire of disproven angles, sound bites, human rationalizations, and misrepresented scriptures over and over again. So once you have heard a few of these presentations, you have basically heard them all, because there are only a few limited ways for them to skin this cat, and once you know the truth, you can identify and disprove every one of them.

As I said earlier, an anti-tither is up against centuries of accumulated, effective, crowd-controlling pro-tithe propaganda technique, but that does not mean that the pro-tithe doctrine is not a house of cards that can easily be brought down.

When the door was opened to investigate the tithe doctrine, who would have known what a virtual disaster area of scriptural malfeasance I was walking into. There was not a step that could be taken without encountering quasi-scriptural non-facts that needed cleaning up, straightening out, or discarding. Just as it is with a real disaster, the damage was so great and destruction of scriptural intent so obvious, that it did not take an expert to start picking up debris and putting things back in order. Thus I started to put things together, one thing led to another, and we ended up with this book that could easily have been double its current size.

While I believe the anti-tithe position presented here is conclusive, more or less complete, and of benefit to all who read it; I am not so vain so as to think that everyone who reads it will accept my position on the subject; some people just plain will not do so, no matter what is said, and some people can not accept it because they are not meant to. Some things are just out of our hands.

There is a saying that goes something to the effect of: “You can’t convince a man of something when his income depends on him not knowing it.”

Second Peter 2:2-3 “ And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.

And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.”

Misguided tithing by Christians has been going on for over fifteen hundred years, and this book certainly can not be the first effort to have discovered the scriptural facts that prove the illegitimacy of that practice.

If others have written about it as well as, or better than I, and yet the tithe still exists, pro-tithers take heart: There’s a tither born every minute and your cash inflow will no doubt continue to keep the business model intact and profitable. Of course, in this day and age, there certainly is a chance that readers will make this truth go viral, and with your help Christianity will finally be free of this parasitic fraud known as modern day tithing.

My satisfaction comes from those who found this effort to be well worth the time to read; those whose lives have been bettered, burdens (of tithing) lifted, thoughts provoked and scriptural interests renewed by this information, and those who get that certain little charge in life when they discover a new truth.

This would also include readers who have enjoyed the snippets of humor and metaphoric application, as well as the homeschoolers who have enlarged their vocabulary or have received other such salubrious results from these pages.

Of course my real reward for this work comes in seeing how the Christian community as a whole can benefit from a realization of scriptural facts that were once suppressed. The productive Christians as well as the needy benefit both physically and spiritually in a true paradigm of Christian generosity that is now one step closer to freeing itself of the same problem that Paul and Peter had in their day: hireling, false preachers and commercialized churches.

Jesus and God’s Word cannot really be the Rock upon which many of these church businesses are built, because we have seen many of the basic scriptures that have been ignored, perverted or totally re-invented by these people; thus invoking what amounts to the preaching of “another Jesus”.

This is all made possible by lies; particularly because of the big lie: the concept of a paid, prosperous, professional preacher. One of the lynch-pins that makes the big lie profitable is the myth of the tithe.

Suffice it to say: stop feeding the wolves; they are big enough already. Instead use your money to help yourself, your family, your brethren, and especially the poor. With the way things are going, I think that you will be seeing a lot more of them in the years to come.

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