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Section 5:
New Covenant scriptures used for Pro-Tithe Tales

We just went through Section 4, and a short description of every New Covenant scripture that legitimately mentions the tithe. While those scriptures do mention the Old Covenant tithe, they in no way support the idea of validating a modern tithe doctrine. But what the New Covenant actually says about the tithe, and what pro-tithe preachers say it says, are two entirely separate worlds. Since there are next to no New Covenant scriptures on the tithe, and none at all that support a modern tithe, pro-tithers quite literally have to simply make them up. That is not just an off-the-cuff remark, or cheap put-down, but an accurate over-all assessment of the pro-tithe technique, particularly as it pertains to the New Covenant scriptures that they apply to support their cause. mThe tithe doctrine is an excellent example of the adage “Every lie requires four more lies to support it.” Before we proceed to the next section, let us consider the basic philosophy behind their claim that the New Testament is pro-tithe in nature. The foundational pretext of the pro-tithe camp is that New Covenant scriptures, the writings of Paul in particular, are instructing us to tithe without ever using the word tithe or tenth or any description thereof. Stop and think for a moment to realize the full absurdity of their premise. 

I mean, how many preachers do you know of who promote the tithe, but who never use the word tithe or tenth to support their position, as they claim Paul has done? How many preachers do you know of who would ever try to teach baptism without ever using the words baptism or immersion or who would never describe the act of immersion in their teachings? Or have you ever heard of someone teaching about the solar system without using the words sun, moon, planets or rotation? It is a preposterous thought. If you are teaching a subject, you naturally use the name of your subject and words that describe the subject matter in your teachings; to do anything else would be some kind of bizarre charade or comedy act. Yet, this is exactly what the pro-tithers claim Paul was doing: teaching people to tithe without ever mentioning or describing the act of tithing. Keep that observation in mind, and as we did with the Old Covenant, let us address the New Covenant scriptures that tithe advocates claim to support their case. As they say: “let’s see how deep the rabbit hole goes.” 

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