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You can Help!

There are many ways to help get the word out on this subject.

First and foremost is to notify me of any errors that you see in this work whether they be grammatical, presentational, or particularly if they are factual in nature. If you have pertinent information on the tithe subject that was not addressed in the book, feel free – no, feel obligated to send it on to me.Intelligent scrutiny and correction are always welcome.

The goal for us is to do away with the all-too-common reliance on techniques of deceit and sophistry used in the world today, and to instead present ideas that can be adequately, if not decisively rationally defended with factual information against critical assault.

If you feel that we have accomplished that goal, there are several easy and cost-free ways are to introduce people to this information. Your personal conversations often present opportunities to mention the subject, as are your calls to radio and podcast shows, bringing up pertinent points, and mentioning the website.

Another way is to like us on Facebook, and the appropriate use of other social media.

You can print off copies of the book, or chapters and give them to those who will actually take the time to read the material, but it is probably cheaper and more effective to buy a hard copy book, especially by the case. I will have them priced to be as affordable as possible.

We are also hoping to convert the book to an audio format. Are there any good readers out there with a clear voice and good diction? Send us file of a chapter read by you. If it is well done and the sound quality is good we’ll make it available for download from the website with or without credit to you (your choice).

Above all, if you want to make a difference, present this information to any preachers you know. That will eventually tell you who they really are. They may be preaching a protithe message as an honest mistake, but they cannot continue to do so after they have been given this material because either they will need to refute this information, which has not yet been successfully done, or they need to correct their mistake and stop promoting a tithe, or they will have to knowingly live with the fact that they are being dishonest every time they do promote or accept the tithe.

Another way to help is money, which is always useful, but it is not foremost in this effort. So let me explain the purpose of the “donate” button.

First off: The efforts of my research and the resulting works are all presented to you free of charge. There is no “this part is free, but you only get the really good part for a suggested donation”. On this website you have it all up front, at no charge; there are no add-ons or up-selling, and there is no expected obligation of you to give anything whatsoever to this website.

If you are inclined to give money, I would very much prefer that you take the benefit of what you have learned, and pay it forward personally by using that money to help those in need, or to a well vetted bona-fide organization that will make verifiable efficient use of the money to help others.

Secondly: I don’t necessarily “want” or currently need money. I’m not starving and if I were, I am capable of numerous ways of earning what I need to live.

I realize however, that many people recognize the concept of showing appreciation by giving a gift, or a “tip” if you want to use that term, to acknowledge the efforts of others. Somepeople actually feel deprived if they are denied a chance to express themselves by giving in this manner. This virtue has unfortunately been exploited by religious and other fraudulent charitable organizations, and is examined in the book.

So, seeing as how it is “more blessed to give than to receive”, and that both giver and getter are blessed in the process, I have provided the “donate” button simply as a means of not cutting off the opportunity of those who wish to participate in this process.

But here are the rules.
Give only if:

  • You have gotten a substantial benefit from the information provided.
  • You recognize that anything you give cannot in any way be construed as “Giving to God”; the money given via the “donate” button is strictly a gift that is from one person to another and nothing more.
  • The amount you give will in no way shape or form cause you to diminish the amount you would otherwise have given to those in need (which is the true way to “honor God with your wealth”).
  • You don’t care what I do with the money. I will absorb for myself the spirits of giving and appreciation that came with the gift, and then probably use the money itself to subsidize hard copies of the book to make them available to those who can’t buy them, or to improve or promote the website. Then again, I may not. I’ll deal with it when the day comes to do so.

So there you go. If you are still willing after all that to give to
me, which is indirectly giving the cause of eradicating the tithe
fraud plague from Christianity, then have at it, and know that I
appreciate your effort to show your appreciation for my efforts

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